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Sunday, November 28, 2004 :::

Wondir and Abuzz?

It's true that Wondir and Abuzz are not altogether different. Yet their differences far outweigh their similarities. You had to be a member to ask and answer at Abuzz, as far as I'm aware. At Wondir, you don't need to sign up. You just show up at Wondir.com and type your question into a big box, just as if you were using AskJeeves or Google. That's it. Seconds later you may be getting instant message responses from other people out there that have answers to your question. You don't even have to choose a category or an expert etc to send your question to. It's all taken care of for you. The web-based instant messaging feature and high-speed question board reduce response times to minutes, sometimes seconds. Yes, there have been hundreds of Q&A sites to date, and they're all different from one another, but despite their differences, in the end, they're still much more similar to one other than they are to Wondir, the black (or actually green) sheep of the bunch.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 1:41 PM

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