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Friday, October 08, 2004 :::

Using the Wondir ask-box to search for past questions and answers

Here's a conversation I just had with one of our regulars at Wondir. He said he's was okay with me putting it up at Wondir Land with his IM handle. I edited a couple of my comments to safequard myself agains misrepresenting the Wondir auto-intepreter system, otherwise unchanged:

MtlCstr: Howdy
AllenSearls2: hey!
MtlCstr: Zup!
MtlCstr: You know
what would be cool on Wondir - is a way to search through previous questions and
MtlCstr: I mean without posting a new question.
MtlCstr: It could
have all kinds of limiters like date and category.
AllenSearls2: very
AllenSearls2: we're certainly considering it
MtlCstr: Sometimes I
find new info relevant to an old question and it would be nice to have an easy
way to find it and post the info.
AllenSearls2: you can run a search at
Wondir right now via the ask-box, your search won't post to the boards unless
it's interpreted as a question
AllenSearls2: for example, try typing
"education" (without the quotes) into the ask box and clicking "ask"
MtlCstr: So what parameters govern whether it is interpreted as a question
or not?
AllenSearls2: it's slightly complex
MtlCstr: I guess that's a
AllenSearls2: (in general) if it has a question mark at the end, if it's more than
a critical number of words, if it contains "who, what, where, when, how" kind of langualge in it, then it's a generally interpreted
MtlCstr: OK
cool, let me know if u have other questions
MtlCstr: OK
AllenSearls2: mind
if I pass this conversation around to the others at Wondir, and possibly put it
up on the Wondir Land weblog, it would be good for others to see this and know
they can do that
MtlCstr: Sure - fine by me
AllenSearls2: thx

::: posted by Allen Searls at 1:17 PM

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