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Monday, August 09, 2004 :::

Thanks Scoble

I went to the Scoble bbq this weekend. I think I called Robert Scoble "Robert" at least once or twice before realizing that everyone (at least it seemed to me) just called him "Scoble." I'll have to work on that :) Had a good time, met some great people, thanks Scoble :)

Got to meet Adam Field, who blogs at Adam's Mindspace from Eastbourne (I believe) not too far from where I went to school in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex. We talked about the ridiculousness of American outrage over gas prices, among other things. We calculated the average cost per gallon in England is about 7 bucks. Anyway, great guy. Hope to hang with him as he travels thousands of miles to Seattle about once a month.

Also had a great talk Dennis Hamilton, with blogs here, here and here who's getting a first class master's online, he's the first I've met who's doing this. Brick and mortar educational institutions are in danger :) He asked about how my interests in philosophy tie in with my interests in social software. I promise to blog about that soon, as it's something I've thought a lot about.

Finally got to meet Dave Winer, who took these pics of the bbq on his new Nikon coolpix 3200, which I only know b/c I spent way to much time studying the coolpix line in my past life (job). I was sitting there with the others, mostly Microsofties and Channel 9 folks, when Dave looked at me and said "who are you?" I was somewhat intimidated, but he was actually very kind to me and it was fun.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 6:52 PM

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