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Thursday, August 05, 2004 :::

Social Search

Did a search on social software at Technorati last year and go "O" results. Tried it today and got 30 for the last 7 days. Looks like people care about it now or at least have focused their thoughts on that term. How about social search? Someone at the Etcon last year, I believe it was one of the partners at Socialtext, Ross Mayfield, probably, that either coined that phrase or mentioned it to me. There's still no way to search online society the way we search online documents/pages, and it's rather alarming there isn't, since we want other minds to interact with at least as much as we want web pages. If anyone knows of a social search engine, let me know. Technorati and Feedster of course are just social search engines, if we define online society as bloggers, but of course there are those tens of millions of people chatting and conversing in myriad ways in all the walled garden communities out there that we have no access to at the moment, kind of like the way documents were not shared before the net and the web. I suppose Wondir's a social search engine in some ways as well, at least from a Q&A pov.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 1:31 PM

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