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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 :::

BlogOn and On and On...

The BlogOn seemed to prove that social media is outstripping everything else right now for the focus of our attention with regard to emerging web apps. I'd like to see blogs and social networks plug into live Q&A to enhance social media interactions with a more real-time dimension, and that's one reason I was there, spreading the word on Wondir, but mostly I was there to listen to people who know a lot more than I ever will. Highlights (for me) included:

  • Got to learn the details of the foaf project  from Marc Canter, who was very tolerant of my ignorance of code, as was Steve Gillmor, when he explained the intricacies of attentionxml I'm terribly interested in these projects and any projects that support social media that everyone can use. Preferably the one's that support Doc's NEA model from the World of Ends, sort of an unofficial sequel to Cluetrain

  • Bumped into Scoble on the plane back. I was pissed my plane was late but had lateness to thank for the opportunity to meet him. We'd met at a dinner almost two years ago at the Etcon when Doc introduces us but I was convinced he didn't know who I was when I approached him. Great guy, btw. I asked him how we balanced representing Microsoft with writing compelling, uninhibited posts on his pseudo-corporate blog (which can't be easy). I asked if it was just a matter of using good judgment, and he said it was actually more "taking risks" that was probably most responsible for making his blog work.

  • Talked to Dave Sifry briefly. If I didn't know better, I would have thought Technorati was Google with the kind of attention they were getting at the conference. A household name Internet company broke in while I was talking with him to hand Sifry their card and invite to meet up. I congratulated Dave, who was moderating the "metrics of influence" panel,  on teaming up with CNN for the democratic convention. I remember a year and a half ago when I met Dave for the first time at the etcon and although there was a big buzz among bloggers about Technorati already, I didn't know they'd get this kind of mainstream press this soon; they certainly deserve it.

  • Met Marc Pincus's dog, who was wearing Marc's BlogOn name tag and roaming around. I'm sure I'm not the first to blog about that, it was great, I'll have to check Technorati. Marc was very cool and kind and we talked about Wondir and Tribe.  Tribe's doing a great deal more than standard social networking, especially at the local level.

  • Got to meet Mary Hodder, also of Technorati. She was surprised to hear that my old site GlobeAlive's motto was "the world live web," which Technorati now uses throughout their site, thanks to a tip from Doc, I believe. I like the term and hope it catches on. Technorati's web is 7-minutes old. Compare that to Google's web, which is refreshed once every few weeks.

  • Got to see Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn again. Does Reid have a blog? Here's a post from Reid I believe. LinkedIn's member-base is about 900,000 I believe (three times the size of all other online business networking sites combined) and it's still in beta, and those are professional/business contacts, a more scarce resource perhaps than friends of friends of friends, although it's a very different thing so I shouldn't compare.

  • Will add more here...


::: posted by Allen Searls at 3:11 PM

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