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Tuesday, May 18, 2004 :::

Wondir Question of the Day?

Disturbingly funny post I found on the board today. This question got more replies than any other I saw on the board I believe.

I am about to play a prank on a "friend" of mine who I haven't seen in about a year. She and her family made my life hell when I lived with them, and since I have moved away, we've managed to attain a shaky peace. She's my age, 20, but has a kid already, and is bringing him with her. She hates people who smoke weed, and anything to do with witchcraft. So my roomate and I got up the idea to play a prank. When my friend shows up to my work tonight to pick me up, we'll drive back to my place. When we get there, my roomate will open the door, smoking a joint, wearing a cloak and holding a fish head spiked onto a huge knife. We'll invite her in and hold some weird-ass ritual, involving the fish head and some turkey gibblets we bought yesterday. What I am wondering is this: Is it too mean?

::: posted by Allen Searls at 12:13 PM

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