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Thursday, May 13, 2004 :::

Square Pegs and Partnerships

As we move out of beta, we're talking to all kinds of people about partnerships, what Wondir can do for you and what you can do for Wondir, etc. Many of the situations are square pegs, there's not really a fit but both sides like each other and want to make something work. Whenever you create a new-concept people will often suggest you use it for something so far removed from your vision that you're taken aback: "Hey, this would work perfect on a handheld GPS.... Excuse me, what?" But here are a few round pegs:

Single-sign In: If you're a member of Partner.com, you're a member of Wondir.com, and get all the benefits therein, and vice-versa.

Cross-posting: If you're a message board, Wondir.com questions post to your board for your users to answer, thereby creating more activity and page views on your site. The answers get posted back to Wondir.

Promote your Cause, your Company or Yourself by answering questions at Wondir. With each answer you can invite the questioner to check out your site, your profile, your cause, etc. If and when we add auto-signatures to each answer this would be automatic.

Link-exchanges: not much of a partnership but if there's a site in the Wondir family, this is harmless.

Wondir Ticker: place a custom Wondir Question Ticker on your site and your users can see questions related to your website's subject being asked in real-time that your users can respond to. Some revenue sharing for click-throughs down the road.

Wondir Category: If you're a category-specific website, such as BabyCenter.com, we can create a category at Wondir with your label and link on it, where users can ask and answer questions in real-time about babies, or whatever your subject might be.

I'll add to this list soon...

::: posted by Allen Searls at 5:31 PM

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