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Wednesday, May 19, 2004 :::

The People Portals

I'm on the lookout for the rise of the search engines, browsers and directories of the emerging "people web." A working definition of "people web" might be the collection of all individuals (anonymous or not) that use or have used the web, indexed by their publicly available online profiles, screen names, chat-handles, quotes, posts at message boards, publicly available chats, contact information etc. And the emerging search engines, browsers and directories of the people web would use keywords, URLs and categories, respectively to find people rather than documents (although there is of course the obvious overlap). Technorati does this for blogging, which is terrific, ICQ Keyword-based People Search does it for their chatters (ran a search on "blog" on their chat engine and found about 50 people online ready to talk about blogging) but if anyone knows of emerging technologies, which I've called people portals, that do it for the people web as a whole, defined above, please let me know.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 4:00 PM

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