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Friday, April 16, 2004 :::

The People Web, the NEA requirement and The XpertWeb

I'm on the lookout for the rise of a "people web" that Wondir and other "people portals" could search and browse. Wondir is a company, so we cannot create it (anymore than a company could have created email and put their name on it) but we could help others initiate it, and be a portal to it, just as the first browsers and search engines were portals to the web of documents. In Doc and Weinberger's World of Ends they introduce the N.E.A. requirement: "No one owns it. Everyone can use it. Anybody can improve it."

Another way of saying this is that it must be a decentralized agreement (not a company), peer to peer and open-source. So far, the only Internet invention to come out of the Identity movement that fulfills the NEA requirement that I'm aware of is Britt Blaser's XpertWeb and the XpertWeb protocol. Anyone who wants to analyze Britt's invention and give feedback please check out his blog and site.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 1:20 PM

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