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Monday, February 16, 2004 :::

Wondir Land

Just joined Wondir Inc. I got a call from their founder about a month ago, really liked the company and came on board as of today. They're taking over where the GlobeAlive and "world live web" project left off in many ways. Their founder's goal is to eliminate the barriers between question/answer supply and demand-- free, live, anonymous, search box simplicity-- a free-for-all live bulletin board of instantly-posted questions and answers with a chat option and some other features. I'm using it instead of Google for my searches and seeing what happens. I asked for the length of a nanometer in the search box and someone instantly posts "billionth of a meter, I believe." Pretty impressive for a beta site. I was brought on board to help build the online community, which seems to be growing at a healthy clip, although it will need to be several hundred times larger before any question will get a spot-on accurate answer instantly, which is the eventual aim, so if anyone has any advice let me know. I'll have to check back in with the Social Software Alliance, their wiki and so forth and see what they're designing. And Britt's Xpertweb. I was happy to hear that Wondir uses Jabber for the IM option. Does anyone know if any of the Jabber clients out there feature push-paging, where you can show web pages to each other during a chat? Push-paging was a cool feature of the old GlobeAlive chat, except that the other party would sometimes say "oh my God, can you SEE me?" Makes you wonder.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 5:49 PM

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