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Friday, February 27, 2004 :::

Wondir-enable Your IM?

One problem with the IMs out there is that they aren't really being used for anything more than a fast form of email, and a slow form of phone. But the net has the capacity to make them much more interesting and capable than that. For example, if you wanted to chat right now with someone who has an answer to your question, how do you find them? If someone out there online has a question and you have their answer, how do they find you? The chances of them being on your buddy list are pretty small, and going into a chat room on your topic is usually a mess.

Wondir-enabling your IM, which is something Wondir may want to discuss with Jabber at some point, would mean that your IM could be alerted when someone runs a search/question at Wondir on a topic that you really want to discuss/answer. From the opposite point of view, if you run a search/question at Wondir yourself, anyone out there on the web right now with Wondir-enabled IM that had an answer to your question, or just wanted to discuss your topic, could be alerted and connected with you. This could be extended to buying/selling products and services, dating, etc, but just in the realm of questions and answers it's a market that's not being served.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 11:26 AM

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