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Thursday, February 26, 2004 :::

The Emergence of Identity-Management

Found this at Seb's. The "people yellow pages" or "self-representation" is an interesting phenomenon. Sounds a bit like the Identity Web, a term I've heard tossed around and like to use myself. The whole Identity, MyDentity debate is one I expect will heighten over time.

Wondir's place in the Identity-management space lies in its functionality as a people portal (sound rather bathroomy) and forum for the large subset of the Identity Web that includes experts with willing answers to provide, although people could buy and sell and meet and greet with Wondir as well I suppose. But at the very least, Wondir provides a way to find people with answers, but it needs a world of Identities to tap into. Right now, we rely on our own member-base and visitor community of course, just like everyone else. Andre Durand who started Jabber and now is active with PingID is all about building the Identity Web in the first place, which would change everything and allow a vast, comprehensive and willing community of self-controlled Identities to interact with each other through people-portals such as Wondir.

::: posted by Allen Searls at 7:16 PM

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